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Founded in 1996, Pinnacle Group offers staffing and recruiting services to the actuarial profession as well as exceptional career opportunities within education, specialty publishing, eLearning, and related technology.

Pinnacle Group's success is based on five core beliefs:

  • Client-focused recruiting is the most successful approach to meeting client needs.

  • Trust is the foundation of any successful business partnership.

  • Teamwork among all parties is the best way to successfully complete searches.

  • Diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplaces enrich the lives of everyone and lead to greater success among all employees and organizations.

  • Integrity and adherence to the highest ethical principles, both personal and professional, leads to long-term success, individually and collectively.

Today’s dynamic employment market necessitates that you seek sound counsel. Our experienced staff will take the time to discuss your goals and suggest specific career opportunities that make sense for you.

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